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Michael Siervo

Tyler Caldwell

Nick Gemmell

Wes Kowalchuk

We are so excited to have Michael Siervo as the key note speaker for this event.

Mike will be sharing with us:

- The harsh reality about life we all need to know

- Why humans are the ultimate apex predator and how we are designed to Pivot

- 6 No Bullshit strategies on pivoting from any crisis into opportunity

Tyler will share about why you need reputation management and how it will drive leads

to your door.

Nick will share about How to be your own Hero

Be Your Authentic Self,

Be Accountable,

Be Responsible with your money

and how this will

and live your Pipe Dream in Business

Wes will share about how to monetize your P&L statement and create

Predictable Revenue and Profits

June 28th 2022 @ 7PM MST


There is NO COST to attend this exclusive, invitation-only event.

Be aware this will be a NO B.S. webinar – WE DON’T do fluff and We DON’T deal in “generalities” that leave you guessing what to do next.

This training will literally be a step-by-step implementation of specific strategies that you can use to instantly see more leads, more sales and more revenue.


During this eye-opening meeting, we’re going to show you how to accomplish the following:

💥How to Monetize your P&L

💥Use your P&L to create predictable Revenue and Profits

💥How to set up reputation management to drive leads to your door

💥How to Be Your Authentic Self,

💥How to Be Accountable,

💥How to Be Responsible with your money

💥 The harsh reality about life we all need to know

💥Why humans are the ultimate apex predator and how we are designed to Pivot.

💥6 No Bullshit strategies on pivoting from any crisis into opportunity

Not only will we share our years of experience in helping small business owners to build multimillion-dollar businesses, but you will attend with a cross-section of your fellow successful business owners, eager to share their real-life experiences and successes so we can all discover what IS working and what is NOT working effectively.


To confirm YOUR registration, you may call us at the number below or register here. We are looking forward to working with you and helping you take your business to an entirely new level.

Enter to win a chance to receive a signed copy of Michaels new book Just For Registering

 Whether it's a financial crisis, relationship breakdown, critical illness, natural disaster or a global pandemic, life will pinch punch you in the mouth when you least expected the global pandemic blindsided society and uppercut the world into a new normal businesses either died or thrived in this new environment. What separated the survivors from the casualties?

How did they do it? It all came down to the pivot. This book is about how entrepreneurs side hustlers and go getters pivoted from their crisis to opportunity. Experienced businessman Michael Cervo combines humor, anecdotes and statistics as he shares tips, tools, and lessons from entrepreneurs who have pivoted out of danger and into profit.

Included in this interactive book are real life stories of entrepreneurs from around the world who found ways to thrive in the face of adversity. Written in their own words, they share their inspirational story with QR codes throughout the book. The readers can take chapter summaries and detailed biographies of contributing authors


Meet our key note speaker


MICHAEL'S Biography

Born and raised from an immigrant family, Michael quickly understood the importance of hard work, focus and the ability to adjust on short notice.

Throughout his life he has pivoted out of danger and into multiple areas of success. After shifting direction from wanting to become a teacher he found success in business and finance. He quickly rose up the ladder and became the youngest Vice President of the oldest and largest financial in situation in Canada. He took a region from $19Million a year to over $400Million in under 6 years.

Outside of his corporate life his business endeavours included real estate, fashion, automotive, digital marketing and consulting. In 2019 he was nationally recognized as executive of the year and Community Leader of the year by World Vision Canada.

He has sat on multiple charities and currently is a Founding Leadership Ambassador and sits as a Cabinet Leader for the United Way. He spoken on hundreds of stages and represented Canada as one of 44 countries for the Generational Leadership Conference.

His is the host of the podcast “Ready, Set, RISE”. He is the author of the book “F*ck it! Let’s Pivot: An Entrepreneurs Guide to surviving and thriving a crisis” which hit #1 Hot New Releases and #1 Best Seller Rank on Amazon.

Meet Your Host and Coach


WES'S Biography

Wes started early in his career as an entrepreneur, at the age of 10 as a paper delivery boy in Calgary AB. Over the last 30 years, He has run, owned, and operated several businesses, including a very successful Oil and Gas Service Business.

After being forced to close his O & G service business in 2015 with the low oil prices, struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts, He fought his way back and the only position Wes could find to provide for his family was as a business coach with a firm in Calgary.

It was there he was to realize the lessons he had learned that can help keep others from facing the same fate as he had in 2015. His true passion had found him.

So he researched successful companies and dug deep into all the reasons why a company can go bankrupt. He has put this all together into a simple 6 step program called: “The Ca$hFlow Creation Program”, to help entrepreneurs not only avoid bankruptcy but to actually create a sustainable predictably profitable business that will withstand any economy.

His passion to help other businesses become stronger, better, and financially bulletproof, has led him to where he is today, running his own coaching firm.

He and his team of Accountants/Book Keepers, Bridge Financiers, Legal teams and Virtual Assistants are growing and currently helping businesses across Western Canada and are currently moving into the US and Overseas Markets.

Meet Your connector


NICK'S Biography

After getting my welding ticket 22 years ago and 18 years in the Oil and Gas Industry, Nick knew there was a better way to live and through his own Personal Development Journey is more committed than ever to help families make their dreams a reality.

From welder, to rig welder, to inspector, to Construction Manager for a major Pipeline Distributor in North America has given me a unique set of talents and the resilience to overcome anything, Even his own divorce.

He now is the CEO of Pipe Dream Capital and helps Blue Collar entrepreneurs get out of their own way by creating cashflow to businesses which allows the breathing room to now have these business owners invest in themselves and their own mindset.

This is where the true Pipe Dream is achieved.



TYLER'S Biography

Tyler started out his career in oil and gas. He worked many jobs from laborer to tire guy on his way to becoming a journeyman HD Mechanic. He eventually landed at Suncor Energy in Fort McMurray and spent 10 years with them. He ended his career as a field mechanic in the trucks department.

Tyler started a new journey in the digital marketing space after seeing an ad online. That was 5 years ago and he has mastered the art of digital advertising in that time. He has managed over $15 Million in ad spend on Facebook alone.

But he always missed being in the field and pulling wrenches so he decided to combine his love for the trades and his passion for digital Marketing and created Blue Collar Leads. It is a full service digital marketing agency that specializes in getting leads for Blue Collar Businesses.

He now focuses all his time in finding, testing and deploying the best strategies and tactics in the digital space.

He believes that with the proper guidance and support we can make Blue collar businesses thrive in this new economy.

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